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Softwarelicense contract (individual) Stand 26.10.2011

Bitgut GmbH
Herderweg 3
74193 Schwaigern

and enduser (License holder)


1) Contractual object

1.1) Operating system Mylos with the associated programs.

1.2) Other program with or without Licenses ( for example GPL ) are not touched from this contract. These programs are belonging by there seperate licenses.

2) System requirements

2.1) Intel 386 complatible PC

2.2) Graphic support >= Vesa 2.0

2.3) PCI BIOS v2.0c+ Configuration Mecanism#1 (Int 1A AX=B101)

2.4) Hardisk PIO (LBA 28 oder LBA 48 Bit)P-ATA.

2.5) CD drive or USB-device for installation.

2.6) Mouse

2.7) Keybord

2.8) Minimum 64 Mbyte Ram ( depents how much memory the applications need. )

2.9) Ethernet:

Vendorid Deviceid Designation
10EC 8139 RTL 8139
10EC 8168 RTL 8168


3065 Rhine II PCI Fast Ethernet Controller
8086 103A Intel 5255X
8086 1209 Intel 5255X
8086 109A Intel 82573

3)Rights of use

3.1) The enduser has the right to make a backup of the software.

3.2) The license allows to install and run a system ( for example PC,workplace)
--> for every additional system is an additional license required.

3.3) It is not allowed to copy the software or the documentation and share.

3.4) The userrights have no timelimit.

3.5) Reverse Engineering of the executable program code is not allowed.


4.1) The software is Intel 386 compatible . General the software should run on every PC , that meets the system requirements (see system requirements). For to make sure that the software is running on your system. It is necessary to download and test the Demo.

Remarks :

There are not for all Ethernet-cards device driver available. Additional it is possible that your system needs special driver .

--> There is no liability that the software is running on your system .

4.2) There is no liability of data losses. (The user have to store his data in external drives.)

4.3) There is no liability of loss of production and loss of profit.

4.4) For the damage on Hardware the licensor is only liable for gross negligence.

4.5) The liability is limited on the price of one license.

4.6) For the demoversion there is no liability.

4.7) For the other programs ( see 1.2) is no liability .

5) Warranty

5.1) For the demoversion: there is no warranty.

5.2) In general software can have error.
The licensor will fix the serious error.

5.3) For the other programs ( see 1.2) there is no warranty.

5.4) There is no warranty if your system is not compatible ( see 4.1 ).

6) Severability Clouse

Should individual terms of this Agreement be ineffective or lose their effectiveness due to later circumstances or should a loophole emerge in this Agreement, the legal effectiveness of the other provisions is not affected.


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